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The Spa Conspiracy
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Is it time for you to get pampered? Do you need to get healed, to
have your body, mind and spirit nourished and rejuvenated? How
long has it been since you spent time in your favorite destination
spa? Or have you never been to one and desperately need to go
and get de-stressed and nurtured? Before you book a weekend of
treatments at a spa, read this novel.
The main characters will take you behind closed doors to a
world you will never see. You will experience the good, the bad,
and the ugliness of what it takes to make your day the ultimate
healing experience.
Through the eyes of three massage therapists working in
luxurious spas, you will become aware and knowledgeable of the
workings of the spa world. At the very least, you will be
entertained. Reading this book will take you into an alternate
reality where your mind and spirit will open up to a different
perspective. This tale will make you laugh, cry, and wonder if
any of this could really happen.

ISBN-13: 978-1-77143-378-5
$15.95 U.S. / 6" x 9"
192 pages / paperback
Also available as an e-book.
BISAC: FIC027430
Worldwide Release March 2019
North American Distributors:
Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor
European Distributors:
Gardners Books, Bertram Books
Australian, New Zealand and
Asia-Pacific Distributor:
Dennis Jones & Associates


Knowing that life goes on after
death gives one freedom to love
life and not fear the inevitable.
This book gives you that and more.

Their Last Painting
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Hear Jean being interviewed about herself and the book - CLICK HERE


In her work, "Their Last Painting: End-of-Life Heartfelt Stories", Jean describes her spiritual awakening after caring for her mother until she transitioned. Life's path continued with Jean subsequently working with Hospice and the terminally ill.

The spirituality of the dying process is the focus of the book. It is an experiential book and will spiritually support the terminally ill, caregivers, baby boomers with aging parents, health care providers; bereaved loved ones and anyone searching for the meaning in life of death. Each chapter is a story that depicts an ethereal painting of psychic phenomenon, synchronicity, altered states of consciousness and the paranormal. Yet the physical traits and emotions of fear, rage, denial, courage, strength, suffering, laughter, joy and love will energetically pull the heartstrings of the reader. The energy behind the words will move the readers to reach inside themselves to question their perceptions of life and death.

The main characters in the book come from all walks of life, as their ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender and race vary. Their stories illustrate to the living what death and dying can teach.

" It's time to open up your HEART and touch someone.
Give the gift of touch and in return you will receive the gift of JOY."


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Ms. Lazar's book brings a calm understanding to the rough waters of uncertainty for anyone caring for a loved one. Her use of art to symbolize the transitioning point for those she cared for in Hospice, was inspiring. I was able to project my own creativity into a visual piece for my own parents, who are nearing the end of their own earthly journey. I found her book to be a precious, comforting, and loving gem.
~Diane L. Stegman, California


Many inspirational verses have been written, but this is the first work that truly moved me beyond a philosophical uplift and into a genuine engagement with life, death and all that happens in between. The author has truly touched a nerve in sharing with us the stories of very real people facing and being part of the dying process. BRAVO, Ms. Lazar, you have given us an even deeper perspective about our own journey. ~ Richard, Washington, DC

Ms Lazar is telling heartfelt stories about her hospice work. This book can help anyone who is going through this hard time of letting someone go or who lost someone. It is a book that will take you through emotions - so have some tissues at hand. This book can give you comfort during this very hard time.
~Steffi, Connecticut

Ms Lazar's book was recommended by a friend whose opinion I respect, so I decided to buy and read--from Amazon. Her chapters are deeply moving, especially those discussing the transition of her parents. These were particularly powerful for me. As my entire primary family is gone now, having lost my only brother as well about two years ago, I have over time felt "presences," especially of my father and also of his dad from time to time, who died before my birth. I am at an age where death has become a more personal reality, an emotional as well as intellectual knowing. Ms Lazar's book has provided me with insight and deeper personal hope that perhaps I might someday reunite with my beloved family members and other dear ones who have passed. The best to Ms Lazar.
~ Carole, Springfield, VA

This book is about a woman who works with hospice patients and sees them through to the next chapter in the world. It was a really awesome book and definitely a tearjerker so grab some tissues before you sit to read it. the only thing i would have liked more about it is if it had been a bit longer. other than that, it was a great read.
~Jennifer, Pittsburgh, PA

While reading the stories I felt a connection to Jean, the people that were dying and their families. I had a steady stream of warm tears running down my face most of the time, but they were comforting. This book, some how brought many life events and feelings together for me. I was thinking about the chapter "A teenager's Point of View". It was heartfelt and honest. Jean's son Charlie, put his truth out there with such confidence in such confusing territory that I felt it was admirable. And then when I saw that it was written when he was in the 9th grade my jaw dropped and then I remembered back to that time in my life when I was able to powerfully put my feelings out there too! While I am not completely at peace with the whole thing (death), as this truly has been effecting my day to day life for years. I am so much closer, but not there yet. Something truly hit home and I am not sure what it was. I feel like there is a knowing in my heart but I cant get it into my head. A familiarity of some type! Something about who I truly am! I feel as if its on the tip of my tongue or I am trying to remember a dream! I am determined to figure it out and I know I will.
~Nicholle, Connecticut

If you want to know what unconditional Love is, read this book. I received this book as a gift. I now have a copy that sits in my wellness center and is part of my "must read" list I give to people. People need not to fear death. Where fear resides, love cannot. Jean explores divine strength and the love people and families find in their final months, weeks, and days. Jean has shown how the suffering we think someone would go through is actually different when love enters the picture. All of these people were able to find love because of the unconditional love that Jean so clearly radiates in her work. This book is not about death. This book is about life and should be a field guide to help remind us every day of what is important. Find love and feel love. Don't wait until time is cut short.
~Kelly Dallas, TX

Jean Lazar's book, THEIR LAST PAINTING, not only rocks the heart, it uplifts the soul. It's an inspiring book from beginning to end where Jean exposes through her art work and stories the inner beauty of people as they make their transition into the Spirit world. In reading this marvelous book, I was profoundly moved by Jean's unconditional love for the terminally ill people and their families that she was called upon to assist. This is a spiritual book with so much light, love and positive energy in it. It's a book that can help anyone prepare for one's own death in a way that is hope-filled.

Thank you for sharing so beautifully.
~Eileen Curteis, author of "Reiki: A Spiritual Doorway to Natural Healing"
From Canada

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