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Energy Medicine


Everything is made of energy. We have energy fields inside, around and threw our physical bodies. It has been proven that when we are balanced and in harmony with our energies we will defuse illness and disease from our physical bodies. Energy medicine is the art and science of working with these energies to live healthier and happier lives. The eastern cultures have been aware of this for a very long time and now the west has opened to the possibilities and benefits that this understanding brings. The chakra system includes seven chakras or energy centers that are located along the spinal column and in the head. Each chakra corresponds with a certain color, level of consciousness, body system, sound and movement.

Therapeutic Touch is a hands-on healing of the energy fields of the body. A healer will scan the body from approximately three to six inches above the body and feel or sense the imbalances in the body. This form of energy medicine has been used for thirty years in hospitals during the birthing process to relieve pain and induce relaxation.

The TT practitioner balances the life force energy of their clients via their hands, bringing the body to its optimal well being.
Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation and reduces stress by “laying on of hands”. “Rei” means Spirit in Japanese and “ki” means life force. So, Reiki means Spirit life force. The Reiki practitioner brings energies from the universe through their hands, which are held three inches above the body, to balance the body and clear the chakras. This is a very popular technique and widely used for healing.
Energy medicine is also for your animals. They are very receptive to the universal life force energy as well as intuitive.

Contact Jean for a session in Energy Medicine for you or your animal. She is certified in both Therapeutic Touch and Reiki.