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Massage Therapy
  One of the best ways to become healthy
or to stay healthy is to
receive therapeutic massages.
Jean is nationally certified and licensed by
the state of Connecticut as a therapeutic massage therapist.
In 2006/2007 she practiced in
California and
was licensed by the
city of San Luis Obispo.

Some of the benefits you will receive include the following:


aintenance of good posture & body balance

thletic performance improved
oftening & loosing of scar tissue
oft tissue flexibility increases
trophy prevention
reater muscle tone & range of motion
nhancement of waste & toxin elimination
tress reduction & induced relaxation

Additional benefits include lowering of high blood pressure, a boost of your immune system and improvement in your blood circulation.

If you are located in Connecticut contact Jean for one of these treatments:

  • Swedish massage
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Canine Massage

Canine Massage Therapy

Jean is now a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT) and taking on canine clients.   Something to consider: If your pet is not suitable for massage and needs to be treated, then Jean will treat your pet with energy medicine.

“Massage is valuable not only in cases of injury and disease, but also for promoting the general health and preventing it from being lowered under ordinary conditions of life. For instance, it is particularly useful in the relief of muscular fatigue, the feeling of which arises from the presence in the overworked muscles of certain waste products of muscular contraction which more or less paralyzes the muscles for the time being. It may therefore be concluded that the removal of the waste products causes rapid restoration of muscular vigor that follows well applied massage in these cases. The evident pleasure which stroking gives to animals and the delight tired horses, dogs and cats take in rolling, are convincing proofs of the health giving effect of massage”
Written by M. Horace Hayes in 1877

Canine massage is a sports massage to help your beloved pet to perform or function in an optimal way. Quality of life means feeling as good as possible and canine massage will give back to your dog the unconditional love that he or she gives to you, while their quality of life is enhanced.

Contact Jean for canine massage therapy to help with Dog Shows, individual treatment, Police dogs and animal helpers for the disabled.